October 29, 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

What products are in the RSPCA Animal Health Products Range?

RSPCA Flea Control for Dogs (topspot), RSPCA Allwormer (tablets for cats and dogs),  RSPCA Heartwormer (tablets for dogs), RSPCA Medicated Shampoo, RSPCA Ear Cleaner, RSPCA Ear Canker Drops and RSPCA Joint Support Tablets are all Official Licensed RSPCA products.

What are the active ingredients?

All the active ingredients in RSPCA Animal Health Products are approved by and registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) and have been sold and safely used in Australia for many years.

For more information, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Are these products safe? What are the side effects of the products?

Yes, the products are very safe. The formulations have been recommended by vets and used for many years in Australia and around the world and adverse reactions are very uncommon. All formulations have been checked and approved by veterinarians and have all necessary government approvals.

For more information refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Who is the manufacturer?

RSPCA Animal Health Products are manufactured by IndyVet Animal Health Products Pty Ltd, an Australian business with a strong history in the animal health industry. The products are manufactured in APVMA GMP accredited facilities ensuring quality, reliability and safety.

IndyVet Animal Health Products Pty Ltd uses the RSPCA name and logo on these products under licence from RSPCA Australia.