What’s the most trusted brand in pet health?

What’s the most trusted brand in pet health?

Can you name the most trusted brand in pet health in Australia? You might be surprised - It's not one of the big pharmaceutical brands, it's not one of the vet or pet shop chains and it's not even one of the celebrity vets we see each week on our television sets.

According to research by Galaxy the most trusted source of pet health information in Australia is the RSPCA! With 36% of respondents identifying the RSPCA by name as the place they go to and trust for pet health information. This is perhaps not surprising when you remember that the RSPCA is Australia's most trusted animal welfare organisation and the second most trusted not-for-profit for multiple years running (Readers Digest 2014, 2015). Through its vet clinics, media campaigns, websites, publications, retail outlets, adoption centres, social media and of course the many tens of thousands of cats and dogs re-homed each year, the RSPCA is a huge source of pet health and welfare information to Australian pet owners.

In 2016, this legacy of leadership in pet health will develop further, with the launch in January of the first two products in the RSPCA Animal Health Products range and I'm delighted to be a Spokesperson for these products.

RSPCA Allwormer (for Cats and Dogs) and RSPCA Heartwormer (for Dogs) will be available from all RSPCA retail outlets, public vet clinics and adoption centres, as well as all the best vet clinics, pet shops, pharmacies and online retailers in late January 2016. Other RSPCA brand animal health products will follow.

Revenue from the sale of the RSPCA Animal Health Products supports the valuable work of the RSPCA, so by choosing them, Australian pet owners can now be Twice the Pet Hero, protecting their own pets from nasty parasites and supporting financially the ongoing fantastic work of the RSPCA. Keep an eye out for the national Twice the Pet Hero awareness campaign launching soon.

I'll be sharing more information about the RSPCA Animal Health Products in the weeks to come. In the meantime, if you're a retailer and want to stock these products and support the great work of the RSPCA, contact me at steven@vetshopgroup.com and I'll connect you with the relevant people.

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